The train journey

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The train journey

It was July and hot. Very hot.

Sarah was traveling home at the end of term having on the Edinbrugh to London train and as usual daddy had paid for her to go first class.
She was in a six seater compartment and was alone until a mild looking business type opened the door and asked "Do you mind if I sit in here?".
Sarah had no objection and the man took a seat. "Its so hot today." he said, taking his jacket and tie off. Sarah smiled.
The gentleman took his newspaper and began to read as the train pulled out of Edinbrugh Waverley station. Sarah looked out of the window at city as it baked in the sun. She had been awake half the night what with end of term high jinks and was made more tired by the heat.

She was studying the gentleman as she felt drowsey. He was middle aged, grey haired, with the air of a refined man. He noticed her looking at him and smiled. Sarah smiled back, slightly embarrassed and looked away.

The green countryside was flashing past and Sarah soon fell into a warm and welcome sleep. As she did so, she involuntarily slipped forward in her seat, her nevy blue pleated skirt riding up and her soft pale thighs parting.

To the gentleman, a tiny glimpse of white cotton had become apparent and he was now paying no attention to his newspaper.
Sarah shifted again in her sleep and more of the bright white material became visible, promising a hidden delight.
Soon the door slid open on the compartment and xxx sex video download free com a gruff voice said "Tickets please." The gentleman showed his season ticket to the inspector and sarah stood to re-adjust her skirt with a tinge of embaressment. She funbled for her ticket and the gentleman leaned across to pick it up from the seat next to her and passed it to her saying "I think youre looking for this my dear."
Sarah blushed and said "Thank Sir", showing the ticket to the inspector.

As the ticket inspector left the compartment, the gentleman smiled and asked "Do you mind if I pull the blinds down as the sun is a little too much?"
"Ofcourse not" Sarah replied and the three blinds were drawn, making the compartment invisible to people in the corridor.
"Are you going home for the summer my dear?" He asked. He had a trustworthy look and Sarah felt quite comfortable in his presence.
"Yes" she answered. "Six weeks of freedom" smiling.
They continued to talk about school, her plans for the summer and how damned hot it was.

A few minutes into conversation, the gentleman said he was going to get a cold there was a tap on the door and the gentleman opened it to see the buffet trolley with the waiter asking if they would like anything.

Turning to Sarah he asked "Would you like a cold drink my dear?" and a bottle of chilled wine was being uncorked almost before she could answer.As the door closed again he passed her a glass and sat down.
"I dont know if I should ...." she almost whispered.
"Dont worry" he said smiling "I wont tell".

"Youre a young woman now my dear and might i say you look very smart in your uniform. Sarah sipped the cool wine and blushed."Whats such a pretty girl called then?" he asked.
"Im Sarah" she answered and the conversation continued with the gentleman topping up sarahs glass several times. She was beginning to warm to him and it felt quite grown up to be sat sipping wine in a first class compartment with a middle aged businessman.

Sarah was now feeling quite light headed and as she stood to sexxxx video ful hd smooth her skirt down and the train lunged a little she fell forward into the lap of the gentleman.It took hera couple of seconds to gather herself and apologise blushingly, but before she could move he had placed a finger on her lips and mouthed "Shhhh. Its alright my /sweet/">sweet."
His lips were now on hers and she found herself kissing back without thinking and a hand was stroking her soft thigh.His tongue worked its way into her mouth and she found that she wasentangling her own with it and kissing him pasionately.

Her thoughts were racing. This was so unexpected and had happened so suddenly but something inside her didnt want to stop.
The hand was stroking closer to the white cotton between her thighs and she didnt want to stop it.
"Why dont you unbutton your blouse for me my dear" He whispered "as i said, I wont tell." Sarah giggled as she unfastened each button in turn slipped the crisp white blouse from her shoulders. "You really are a very beautiful young lady" he said softly as his hand gently stroked her through her cotton knickers.
His other hand reached behind her back and deftly unhooked her bra strap. She slipped the shoulder straps off and let it fall. "My word you really are something special" He purred as he brushed his fingers over her small firm breatsts rolling each snall oink nipple between his fingers in turn.
He leant forward and started to tease her left nipple with his tongue and gently suck at it causing sarh to moan softly. She couldnt believe this was happening to her and was lost in a heady compulsion to continue.

His fingers were working their way inside her knickers and had found the soft warmth of her moist little haven. He ran two fingers up the full length of her inner lips and she gasped as he reached her tiny clitois, his experienced fingers working it gently round in circles.
Sarah was moaning more deeply now and her hand had automatically found its way into his trousers and was massaging his hard manhood.He continued to work her love button and she was becoming short of breath, panting at his attentions."Is this your /first-time/">first time my dear?" he asked in a low voice.
Sarah nodded biting her lip, unable to speak. "Dont worry my sweet. Just relax. I wont hurt you."

Sarahs body was tingling and she could feel the heat rising. Sweat rickled down her back as she started to shake. her head thrown back she let out a cry as she let go of a mindblowing orgasm. "OH GOD YESSSSS!" and slumped in his arms.
After a few seconds, he lifted her to her feetand turned her to face the seat. She leant forward against the seat restsand he reached under her navy skirt to slide her white cotton knickers down to her knees.

Sarah heard the zip on his trousers and fely her skirt being lift over her firm round bottom. She felt something brushing her vagina lips up and down and working its way between them as it did. The head pushed forward, making her jump and let out a little squeel of /surprise/">surprise.
He slowly fed a couple of inches of hard flesh into her tight virgin paradiseand worked it back and forth. She was surprised it wasnt more difficult the first time, but when he pushed deeper into her she felt a stabbing pain as her virginiyi was lost and his hard manhood filled her tight unexplored pussy.
She felt him start to work slowly in and out of her as she moaned quietly with each push. The pain was outweighed by waves of pleasure as this experienced older gentleman taught her the plreasure of sex.

He held her hips as he started to pick up the pace and push deeper into her, making her gasp and let out little squeels.
Again she could feel her temperature rising and a tingling all over her body. She was moaning loudly now as he gave her wave after wave of pleasure and niether of them cared that the compartment door could open at any time.

Sarah gasped loudly and arched her back as a trickle of sweetness rolled down her thigh and let out a loud cry "OH PLEASE YES."
Her eyes closed tight and she grit her teeth "OH GOD YES. YES." Her body shook violently and a spurt something hot hit her inner walls. He was breathing heavily and she felt another spurtas her own orgasm burst. He buried himself deep with one final thrust and again she felt his hot seed deep inside her.

Sarah didnt move as he pulled out of her. She stayed lent over the seat with her knickers around her knees and could feel something trickling down her thigh. She wasnt fully aware of the world around her took a couple of minutes to completely recover to find herself in an empty compartment feeling drained, confused and very very happy.