Betting can be fun

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Betting can be fun

This was supposed to be just another night out with the guys. Where you go out, shoot some pool, drink some beer, and have a good time.
We normally go out to the same bar, where they have about 30 tables and a lot of people, loud music, and some pretty good eye candy. This night was no exception. The music was loud, the drinks were flowing, lots of skin to be seen.

I am not a pool shark by any means, and no one in my circle of friends is either, but I can hold my own with just about anyone. We were playing a game that I was on the 8-ball, and I was caught behind a group of other balls with no direct line of sight. I knew I had to "kick" at the 8 from behind. I got a little cocky and called a pocket, even though my chances were pretty slim. Then I heard the voice behind me.

"Bet you miss that shot"

I turned around and saw this /blonde/cute-blonde/">cute blonde woman. I bet she was about 30, wearing a jean skirt and white button up blouse. She is about 5 foot 3, and about 130 pounds in all the right places.

I turned around and leaned on my stick, looked her up and down and said. "If youre going to make a bet, I at least get to know your name."

She told me her name was Brook, and she was willing to bet a lot I would miss that shot. In all fairness, she should have won that bet, and I wish I would have made the stakes a lot higher.

I looked at her square in the eye and said, " If I make this shot, I get a kiss from you right after I make it."

"Thats fine", she says. "But if you miss, you have to buy me a drink"

I was going to do that anyway so I agreed and as luck would have it, I made the shot.
She didnt miss a beat as she walked over to where I was standing, put her hand on the back of my neck and planted one right on me. It was quite the kiss.

Feeling a little more cocky that I should, I challeged her to the next game. Which she agreed to. As I was about to break, she asked what we were betting on the game. I told her if I won, her bra would have to come off. She just smiled and said fine. Then I was told if I lost, I would have to give her my boxers.

To make a long story short, I lost. Big. I went into the bathroom and got my boxers, and handed then to the winner of that game.
She looked at me and said, "This is kind of fun" The table is open, want to play again?"

Never being the guy to pass up a good challenge, I quickly agreed. This time I knew how good she was, and was willing to up my game a couple notches. For the next five games we either bet clothing or long lingering kisses. She took off her bra and high heels, I took off my undershirt, and I got two more awesome kisses.

The night was very young, and then she kicked it up a notch. I had no idea what I was in store for. But I was all the way in already.

She said, "If you win, Ill suck your cock for 2 minutes. If I win, you have to play with yourself for 2 minutes. Not in the bathroom. Right here. And you have to take it out."

This was a 50-50 chance. We were really pretty even players on the table. So with a shaky voice, I agreed. I broke and sank two solids and secured them with the next shot and then missed. I guess that fact that she was not on high heels made her shot a lot more steady, and she ripped off six straight shots. Then as she was aiming for the 10-ball, her last stripe, she hit it too hard and sank the 8-ball a little too early and gave me the win.

Being the genleman that I am, I let her drag me to the mens room where she set her cell phone for two minutes and unzipped my fly. Again, this girl did not bat an eye as she put my half /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock in her mouth and started sliding all of it in and out. At 30 seconds, I was hard as a rock, and she could only take a little more than half. Just when I was really getting into this, the timer on her cell phone went off porn videos download and she stopped.

Now for a little revenge she said.

We switch to 9-ball for starters, and then all bets are best of three. So one lucky (or unlucky) shot will win a bet.

I said thats okay with me. If I win, you finish what you started, and swallow everything I give you. She said, thats just what I had in mind, for you. I said what does that mean? And she said if I lose, I get to eat pussy and swallow everything she can give.

Two games of 9-ball later, we were in the alley behind the bar, her leading me by the hand. We got to a emergency exit to the bar where all the beer crates were lined up and she sat on one of them and lifted her skirt and told me to get to work. I just smiled and knelt on the cement and lowered my face between her legs. The scent was so /sweet/">sweet, I could have spent days down there. I spread her lips with my tongue, looking for her clit right away. She was pretty wet right away, but got a lot wetter very quickly as I put my mouth over her whole pussy and tried to suck all the juice out. Then went back to flicking her clit and probing her pussy. Seemed like I was down ther for hours but it was only about 15 minutes. After she came the second time, she said it was time to go back inside before people wondered where we were and started to look.

When we got back to the table, she looked deep in my eyes and told me she wants to find out just how far I am willing to take this. What do you want to do?

After all the bets and banter and beer. I decided to go for it all and told her I wanted to /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-her-in-the-ass/">fuck her in the ass. Her eyes got a little bigger when she heard that, but answered right back. Ive never had a cock back there, so if I let you do that, I get what I want. She said she loves giving snowballs. I had no idea what that was and agreed. How /bad/">bad can it really be?

She grabbed her bag (that had our lost clothing in it) and said it was time to go to her apartment. We got a cab, and the whole time in the back of the cab, we could not keep our hands off of each other. I was kind of amazed the police were not involved already.

When we got to her apartment, we were both mostly nude already, but we shed what was left and took a shower so we could get nice and warm an d loose. I wanted xxx her as relaxed as I could get her for what I wanted.

Kissing all the way to her bed, I layed her on her back and lifted up her knees over my shoulder and slid about half of my cock into her very warm pussy. Her eyse got big and she said "I thought you wanted my ass?" I told her it would be better if I fucked her pussy first, so her body could relax a little after I make her cum a couple of times. And then slid the rest of the way in. She just let out a sigh and reminded me about what I owe her later. I was really getting into pushing all the way in and pulling all the way out until just the tip is in, then sliding back in. I pushed her knees as far up as I could and started to play with her clit as I fucked her. After that it didnt take very long before she froze in place and drenched my /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls with her cum.

I leaned down and asked if she was ready. Even though she was still a little nervous about it, she nodded, and I slipped a pillow under her and aimed for her little puckered hole. My cock was very wet from all the cum she gave me, so I didnt need any extra lube. I pushed softly at the entrance, then with a little more force until I popped the head in. She gasped, and I held where I was until she caught her breath a little. I asked if she wanted me to stop, and she answered by grabbing my ass and pushing a couple more inches into her. For a few minutes, I fucked her sweet as with only about three inches. Then with every stroke i pushed in a little more. Her face was getting a little red, but she was screaming for more. After a couple more minutes, I stopped and told her my cock was burried in her ass, and asked how she liked it. Nothing but smiles. Then I leaned forward a few inches and really started to fuck her with everything I had. With as tight as she was, I only lasted about 5 more minutes and drained my cock in her ass.

We rested in bed for about half an hour and she told me it was time for another shower. Who was I to say no. We were all hands in the shower, with her paying special attention to getting my cock clean. With all of that attention, I was rock hard again within minutes. She asked if I was ready for my end of the deal. (No pun intended)

I shrugged and nodded. She pushed me back on that bed and started kissing down my body. I though to myself, if this is what a "snowball" is, I love it. Then she got to my cock and started licking up one side and down the other. Then she took the whole thing deep into her mouth in one gulp. I was amazed! Then she looked up and said, "This is going to take a long time, I want to make sure you shoot all you can". Whith a sexy woman sucking your cock, you will agree to almost anything. She would suck me to where I was almost ready to cum, then stop for a few minutes, and bring me back to the brink. She even stopped once and fucked me for a few minutes, but before I could let go she stopped again and let the urge go away. My balls were so full, and I was getting impatiant for her to finish me off. Then she looked in my eyes and said, " I think you are ready". I could only groan.

She slid her mouth over my cock and started to gently massage my balls with her right hand. I erupted in her mouth. Maybe the hardest I have ever cum. She didnt miss a drop and I knew there was a lot of cum. Without a word, she slid her body next to mine and put her lips to mine for what I thought was just a after /kissing/sex-kiss/">sex kiss. When I opened my mouth to kiss her, she grabbed both sides of my head, and let all the cum she was holding in her mouth fall into mine. Needless to say, I was a little shocked. Then she looked at me and said, "Swallow, and you can fuck me any way you want." I fucked her three more times that night. What do you think I did?