My Girlfriend and Two Best Friends Forever

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My Girlfriend and Two Best Friends Forever

It was the end of my junior year of /college/">college, finals ended early and I was going to /surprise/">surprise my girlfriend Kelly. Kelly and I had dated since our sophomore years in high school. After /graduation/">graduation she and many of my friends, including my two best friends, went to state college, while I was sent to a private college nearly 2 hours away. Kelly was great and I knew we'd be married. When we first started dating she was shy and pretty, but not a knock out. Then came the braces, the contacts and her body really developing. By the end of our junior year in high school, Kelly had gone from a 34B to between 34C and 34D. She grew from 5 ft 3 to 5 ft 6. Now, she was stunning. She was still reserved and a bit naive. She would dress hot, but not realize guys were checking her out left and right. I would catch guys staring at tits as they jiggled by. I don't blame them. I was though only one to see them however. My friend Jeff and Brian were always telling me how lucky I was. We took each others virginity the summer between our junior and senior years. It was of course awkward at first. Each time was better. But still Kelly was reserved. I would /tongue/tongue-fuck/">tongue fuck her pussy and we'd have sex but she wasn't into a whole lot. I had to almost beg to get her to give me head. When she did give me head, it was half hearted. She would take my cock in her mouth just enough to get it wet, then start jacking me off. She would go back and forth until I would cum in hand. She said if I ever came in her mouth I was never getting head again. So to make sure I got something, I always warned her before I came.

On my way to her apartment at the university, I was getting really horny. We usually saw each other every weekend unless we had an exam or project due. With it being finals week, we hadn't seen each other in about 3 weeks. I got to her apartment and she was not there. I knew where she kept the spare key, so I let myself in. I thought I would hide in her closet and then surprise her when she got home. I heard the door open and was getting excited. It wasn't just Kelly though. I heard two voice. I couldn't make out what they were saying, but I recognized it as being my friend Brian. This was not weird because we were all friends in high school, however it did put a damper on my plans. Then something else, another voice. It was my friend Jeff. I heard the voices getting louder. They were coming towards the bedroom. I could see through the closet doors and Jeff and Brian both were drinking beer. No surprise there. The next thing was a surprise. "We have been friends for a long time," Kelly said to Brian and Jeff. They agreed. "Neither one of you have hit on me." "Don't think I don't notice you guys staring at my tits. Especially you Jeff. Sometimes I try to give you guys a show on purpose." I couldn't believe my ears. My Kelly was admitting she like to show off her tits. "I have to admit", said Brian. "There have been many nights I have jacked off thinking about you." "Yeah, me too," said Jeff. "Maybe we should forget about the jacking off and get to the real thing," said Kelly. I can't believe what I was hearing. With that Kelly started to take off shirt. The guys took a seat the edge of the bed to enjoy the show. She then took off her jeans. She had no panties on because she said they would leave lines. So now she is standing in front of my two best friends in just her bra. Her tits are stretching the material almost to the busting point.

The guys suck on their beers in disbelief. She unlatches her bra from the front and her tits coming busting out. She turns and lets the guys enjoy what they are seeing. "Your turn," she says. "I want it to be a bit of a surprise," she says. As she gets are her knees she says, "I'm going to close my eyes. You guys get undressed and tell me when so I can see everything at once." She closes her eyes and they do as they are told. Now, I have been friends with Jeff and Brian for a long time. We played lots of sports together, which means lots of showers. These two are two the most well /hung/">hung guys I knew. Even after practice in the shower, they both were about 6 inches limp. Brian however has more girth. I couldn't imagine what they would be like with full fledged hard-ons. I was about to find out. "Done yet?" she asked. "No," they say. They take off their boxers and both of them have grown to about 8 inches and they're not even all they way hard. Jeff motions to Brian for them to move closer to Kelly. Now, my best friends and their /huge/huge-cocks/">huge cocks are only inches from Kelly's face. "Open your eyes," says Brian. Kelly opened her eyes and her jaw just about hit the floor. Her eyes about popped out of her head. "Oh my God!" she exclaimed. "You guys are huge." ’Don’t be shy,’ says Brian as he grabs her hand places it on his ever growing cock. ’Brian, I can’t even get my hand around it.’ ’Maybe not your hand,’ say Jeff, ’Let’s see about your mouth.’ Don’t even think about it, I thought to myself. She doesn’t give head. At the same time Jeff pushes her now 9 inch cock to her lips and she opens them to allow the head of cock to make into her mouth. I couldn’t believe it. My shy girlfriend with one 9 inch cock in her mouth and one in her hand. She continues to work Jeff’s cock for a couple of minutes as she gives Brian a hand job.

Then she decides to give Brian his first taste of her lips. She got about 4 inches of Jeff’s dick in her mouth, but she barely get past the head of Brian’s dick due to the girth. She alternated back and forth for about 10 minutes. I couldn’t believe what I was watching, but I was extremely turned on. ’You are one great cocksucker,’ Brian said. Kelly expressed doubts. ’Why wouldn’t you thinks so,’ asked Jeff. ’Well...I...I can’t do it all.’ ’What do you mean?’ said Brian. ’I can’t take all of you.’ Jeff said, ’You mean you can’t deep throat us.’ ’Right,’ said Kelly. ’I always thought I was good at giving head because I could deep throat Jim no problem. He made me think I had some special talent. It turns at that it’s just because he isn’t quite as gifted as you two.’ ’He couldn’t be that much smaller,’ said Jeff. ’He’s probably 5 and a half inches long and about has half the girth you have Brian,’ she explained. ’I really wish I could deep throat you guys, but I don’t think its possible.’ ’You know what they say,’ says Jeff, ’practice makes perfect.’ They all laughed. ’Well let’s get to practicing then,’ she said. ’Maybe you need to work on technique,’ suggest Brian. ’Let’s try this.’ Brian has Kelly lie across the bed with her head hanging over the side. ’This will open your throat more.’ With this done, Brian, proceeds to place head of dick on her lips and she opens take him in. Brian moves his hips in and out, slowly putting a little more of his 9 inches into her mouth. First she can only take about 3 inches, she is now up to about 6. He pulls his cock out all the way each time. It seems like it should be her stomach. After a couple of minutes and up to 7 inches, Jeff replaces Brian, with his cock now feeling her tongue. While Jeff fucked her pretty little mouth, Brian would slap his meat on her cheek or chin or what ever he could. Either because Jeff didn’t have the girth of Brian, or Brian stretched out her mouth, bit Jeff had almost his entire cock in her mouth now. He grabbed each one of her tits and was actually starting to pick up speed. Treating her mouth like a pussy. Then I hear a strange sound. I realized it was Jeff’s massive balls slapping Kelly in the nose. It was Brian’s turn again. After about 10 minutes, they let Kelly catch her breath. ’I can’t believe I just took two 9 inch cocks in my mouth,’ she said. ’Jim is the only guy I have been with. I thought all guys were his size. I don’t know if I want to go back to his pencil dick.’ ’Whenever you need a /real/real-cock/">real cock, just give Brian and I a call,’ said Jeff. ’That sounds like a great idea,’ she said. ’Jeff I always catch you staring at my tits. When you are jacking off, what do you do my tits?’ ’I usually end up sticking my cock between them.’ ’Jim has done that, it didn’t seem to do much,’ she said. ’It’s because you tits don’t match his cock,’ said Brian. ’What do you mean?’ ’Your tits are too big for his little prick.’ ’I wonder if that monster you have is a better match?’ Kelly said. ’Only one way to find out,’ said Jeff.

Kelly found herself back in the position she was just in, laying across the bed with her head hanging over the side. Brian, once again, put his cock to her lips. Jeff strattled Kelly’s chest placing his cock between her tits. She held them together as Jeff fucked her /tits/perfect-tits/">perfect tits. At the same time Brian was picking up speed /mouth/mouth-fuck/fucking-her-mouth/">fucking her mouth. It was quite a site. I wanted to be mad, but I was so turned on. Brian and Jeff both were giving her the treatment. Their breathing was picking up and I knew they were going to cum soon. ’Oh shit, I going to cum,’ I heard Brian say. On the back stroke Brian pulls out his massive tool and unleashes 4 or 5 huge spurts of cum onto Kelly’s face. Just as he was squeezing the last bit of cum from his cock, I heard Jeff announce he was cumming. His intention was to cum on Kelly’s tits, but the blast was so powerful, the first spurt actually landed the head of Brian’s dick where it was still resting on Kelly’s lips. The next couple landed on her face and finally he finished on her tits. ’You missed some,’ said Brian as he pushed his now deflating cock into her mouth to clean off Jeff’s cum.

After about 30 minutes, Kelly once again took them into her mouth to get them going. It was Kelly’s turn to get off. For the next 2 hours, Jeff and Brian fucked her like never before.

I hid in the closet until she left the next day. I went home and immediately jacked off. It was the /orgasm/best-orgasm/">best orgasm I had ever had. I never spoke of what I saw.

We planned on being married a year after graduation. Brian and Jeff were even groomsmen. Brian was my best man. The day of the wedding came and Kelly said she needed to the wwwxxx get to the church to get ready. I didn’t think I needed to go that early, so I said I would me her there later. The bride actually got ready in a hall next to the church. I felt /bad/">bad about not going early, so I headed over shortly after her. As I approached the dressing room, I heard voices. I peaked through the cracked door and saw Kelly, Brian and Jeff. Kelly hadn’t started getting ready yet. ’I need to get ready, so you guys should take off,’ she said. ’Why?’, ask Jeff. ’We’ve already seen you naked.’ ’Besides,’ says Brian, ’we need to get ready too.’ ’We’re thinking we’ll get ready here,’ he said. ’We thought it over and Brian and I wanted to give you a present, actually two big presents.’ ’I don’t know,’ said Kelly sitting down on the couch, ’this is my wedding day.’ ’Tell you what, we’ll start getting ready and you let us know,’ said Jeff. With that they both walked over and stood in front of her and started to undress. Kelly, again, found herself face to face with those two 9 inch cocks she loved so much. ’Alright, but no fucking. Jim will know if I’m dirty.’ ’You mean no fucking your pussy,’ said Brian. ’Yeah,’ said Jeff, ’we’ll just fuck that pretty little mouth of yours.’ Without hesitation, Kelly takes Jeff’s cock into her mouth and starts doing her magic. Back and forth between the two. ’Sit on the couch,’ she tells them.

She starts to concentrate on Jeff, really sucking his cock. She then wraps her tits around his dick and because it’s so big, she can keep the head in her mouth as she uses her tits to jack him off. It doesn’t take long and Jeff announces he is going to /mouth/mouth-cum/fill-her-mouth-with-cum/">fill her mouth with cum. He let’s out a grunt and explodes into her mouth. She now takes Brian into mouth. She works his cock for a couple of minutes. ’Spread your legs a bit, so I can get to those giant balls of yours.’ ’I haven’t jacked off in over a week,’ Brian says. ’My balls are really full with cum waiting for your mouth.’ ’We better get to then,’ I heard her say. For the next 10 minutes she works his cock with her mouth like there’s no tomorrow. ’I’m going to cum,’ I hear him say. He must of let out a gusher. Kelly can’t take it all and some of trickles down the side of Brian’s cock and onto his balls. Finally milking him dry, Kelly releases the monster from her lips. Seeing that some cum had run down onto his /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls, Kelly says, ’Oh, I missed some.’ She proceeds to lick the cum off his balls.

We have been married for 5 years, now and I am wwwxxx still friends with Brian and Jeff. Matter of fact they come over every Sunday during football season. Every couple of months I go on a business trip. I usually make it a day longer than it is. I always come home to ’surprise’ Kelly, but I know she probably has her mouth full. For whatever reason, when I return from my trips, we have the best sex.