Midnight Visit

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Midnight Visit

 "I"ll be home late tonight hun, so don't wait up." said 25 year old Stacy. "OK" said Phil, as he came up behind her and kissed her neck...mmmm that feels so good, she said. I've really got to go though, i'll see you later babe. With that, she left for work. She got to her office and she could think of nothing but Phil and how he had made love to her the night before. He was an amazing lover. But thinking about last night only made her wet and she had work to do.

As everyone left for the night, Stacy was still at work. It was getting close to midnight, and she really wanted to go home. She was hoping Phil would still be up when she got home because she was really horny. She'd been thinking about him all day, and she was becoming restless. She decided to take a little 5 minute break from her work and she turned to look out her window. It was a beautiful night. She started rubbing her neck and running her fingers through her hair. She stopped when she heard a noise. She had thought everyone left for the night, so she wasn't sure what the noise was. She decided it was probably just a janitor or something. She continued looking out the window and then she closed her eyes for a few seconds...then someone came up behind her....

She turned around quickly and was relieved to see that it was only Phil. " You practically gave me a heart attack you idiot!" she yelled. Phil just laughed and said he was sorry. "What are you doing here?" Stacy asked. "I missed you, so i thought i'd come visit you." he answered. She was glad that he had come to see her, but now she was even more excited than before. She turned back around and looked out the window trying to think of anything but his presense and how good he looked. Just when she thought she had overcome the feeling, he wrapped his arms around her and lightly kissed her ear. She moaned softly, he knew that her ears were very sensitive. His hands started moving up her body and lightly went over her breasts.... this caused her to shiver. She knew what he wanted and oh how she wanted it too, but they couldn't possibly have sex right here in her office.. then she remembered that everyone had gone home... nobody would ever know if they did...

She turned around and looked at him... then she looked down and could see the outline of his /erection/">erection through his pants. She smiled and ran her hands over the buldge in his pants lightly.... he sucked in a breath as she did this... Stacy could already feel herself getting wet and her pussy was throbbing... she'd been in this state all day, and finally she was going to get some relief! She moved Phil and told him to sit in her chair... he did as he was told and Stacy straddled him. She began kissing and nibbling on his ears and neck... his big hands were moving up and down he body and running through her hair.

Phil's hands had made their way up under Stacy's skirt and he was stroking the inside of her thighs... her legs were extremely sensitive so she was getting wetter by the second. Stacy began unbuttoning Phil's shirt and she was always amazed at what a great body he had. She ran her hands over his smooth chest and laid kisses over it... licking little circles around his nipples... he moaned lightly when she did this and that made her all the more eager.. she loved giving him pleasure. She then unzipped his pants and put her hand inside and started caressing his erection... he sucked in a breath and closed his eyes when she did this. She ran her fingertips over the head, and then up and down the shaft.. he was going /crazy/">crazy. Finally, he couldn't take anymore and he pulled her hand away... then he whispered in her ear, telling her that it was his turn to do some teasing.. Stacy simply smiled at this.

Phil lifted Stacy off his lap and stood up, he then picked her up and set her on the edge of the desk. He ran his hands along the insides of her legs.. and Stacy put her head back and let out a soft moan. He then started kissing her neck and unbuttoning her shirt.. when he had unbuttoned free porn movies download it all the way he gently rubbed full hd xvideo download her nipples through her bra. Stacy was growing hotter by the minute... her hands were in his hair and she was going wild. Phil then started kissing her breasts and licking her nipples through her bra... the lace of the bra adding extra friction on her nipples, this caused her to become even more excited. Phil then pulled her shirt off, and her bra was next to go. Stacy was now sitting there naked from the waist up, and Phil continued his teasing. He ran his fingers up and down her back, he licked and kissed the valley between her breasts, and Stacy was loving every minute of it. Then Phil pulled off Stacy's skirt and she sat there in nothing but her /thong/">thong panties and thigh high panty hoses. Phil was taken aback by the sight of her... she had a amazingly beautiful body. Phil then stepped closer to her and laid her back on the desk. He slid off her panties slowly and let them drop to the floor... he then ran a single finger along Stacy's /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy, causing her to nearly jump off the desk. He spred her pussy lips and began to lick her clit... Stacy was moaning with excitement and her hands were in his hair keeping his head near her pussy. He continued the /sweet/">sweet torture while he slipped first one, then two fingers into her pussy. Stacy was near /climax/">climax, and Phil continued to tease her throbbing pussy. Phil removed his fingers and started sliding his tongue in and out of her, tasting her sweet juices. While his tongue made love to her, he was rubbing her clit... Stacy couldn't hold back her orgasm any longer and she screamed out as an earth shattering orgasm ran through her body. Phil licked up all her pussy juices then dropped his pants so that he could enter her. Stacy got off the desk and told Phil to lay on it. He did, and Stacy straddled him. She slowly slid down on his /dick/big-dick/">big dick and they both let out a moan of pleasure. Stacy slowly moved up and down on Phil, his hands were on her hips... she looked so hot while she was riding him. Stacy then sat all the way down on Phil, taking every inch of him inside her... the look on her face was pure ecstacy. Then she moved up and then slowly down, once again taking all of him inside her. Then she started moving faster and faster, harder and harder, then were both moaning in pleasure, and Phil knew he was going to explode soon. Stacy couldn't take it any longer and she climaxed, Phil felt her pussy tighten around him and he couldn't hold back anymore and came inside her /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy. They both lay there on the desk, for awhile. Stacy picked up her head, and kissed Phil and with a smile on her lips, asks if he would like to visit her tomorrow night.