Chapter 6 the last morning

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Chapter 6 the last morning

When we wake on Sunday morning, we both know that in about 4 hours we will have to get ready and go our separate ways. But, before we leave the hotel room we both want to experience each other one last time. After ordering room services for breakfast, we talk about when we'll see each other and where we'll meet again. It will be at least 3 months before I can get back to her home town but I WILL get back ASAP!! We also talk about our sex experiences and what we like, really like, and what we didn't like about this weekend. We both really liked the and the fucking we gave each other. But there wasn't anything we didn't like except maybe the next place will have a hot tub in the room. GOD just thinking about Tracy's body in a hot tub gets me hard!! We then shower together, stimulating each other's bodies in the shower and drying off rubbing those special parts on each of us. We then get into the bed and lay down on it! We start by gently touching and licking each other, playing with the others sex! Tracy's hands make gentle love to my , stroking the shaft up and down making it harder and softly squeezing my nuts. I pay special attention to her wonderful tits with my hands and mouth! Soon I ask her to lay back and I move and straddle her stomach with my knees, moving my cock up between her 34C's.

She is not huge but not small either. Her breasts are full, sit up high and are firm to the touch with long thick dark nipples that want you to suck on them. The circles around her nipples are not very large at all, almost none. But her nipples stick out at least 2 inches when stimulated!! She smiles and pushes her breasts together as I begin to pump my cock between them. The more she squeezes the more pressure she applies to my cock shaft as it slips up and down. "Mummm baby I love your tits!", I tell her! She smiles as my cock head hits her chin and she tells me: "I love to see you cock grow hard when I make it that way! Like now bay! Mummm it feels like a rock between my tits sugar! Yea, baby! Pump that cock! Pump it faster and cum on my tits! I want to see all that white cum on my brown skin!" When I'm completely hard, the tip of my cock head touches her lips and I feel her tongue lick over it each time I push it up towards her face. As I keep pumping, she stimulates me by say things like: "Come on baby! Fuck my tits. Mummm I love to see your cock head so close to my mouth! Here, let me suck on that cock head with my lips sugar!! Push it up, yea that's it!! Mummm you taste so good! Oh baby, you are so fucking hard!!! You going to cum for me? I want to see that cum shoot out your cock xnxxv sunny leone video baby! Show me how much cum you have this morning!"

I have been pumping my cock faster and faster between her breasts as she stimulates me with her words and her lips and tongue! I can see her dark nipples sticking high up into the air and I pinch each one pulling on them as I pump and pump and pump! God my cock is so fucking hard and I feel the cum building in my nuts! I tell her: "I'm going to cum baby! Oh fuck yes! Here- it- comes- Oh - yes! Oh fuck yea! Mummmmm F U C K! Mummmmmmm!" And the first shot hits her neck and chin as I pump my white cum out on to her dark skin!! She releases her breasts and takes the head of my cock into her mouth smiling as my cum flies all over her face and chest! Now she sucks hard as I pump into her mouth! I yell out: "Oh GOD!! That feels so fucking good baby! Suck me suck my cock suck all my cum out!" And, as she finishes me off, I see a smile on her face and the devil in her dark eyes as a few cum drops drip out the corners of her mouth. I finish and with a pop my cock comes out of her mouth! I slide down her body and stick my tongue into her mouth! As we roll around on the bed she finally get me under her and moves her body up until her thighs are straddling my face now.

I lay back and watch Tracy move her body down towards my face. As I look up I can see her brown thighs wide open as they straddle my face. I can see the bones in her legs that connect at her pussy stretched wide and that bald pussy is slowly lowering itself down towards my mouth! She moans at me as her fingers move between her legs. I watch as she inserts two of them into her hole and she begins to finger fuck herself over my face. I can see the wetness of her pussy as it runs down her hand and I feel the first drop hit my lip. I lick it with my tongue as she watches me! Her pussy lips are very swollen and large. Her pink insides shine down on me as her fingers work on her hole. I take my fingers now and stroke them over her pussy. As I replace her two fingers with my two, she holds my hand and begins to rock and pump on them. God it's so sexy looking up at her cunt fucking my hand!! Now as I feel her cunt tighten on my fingers I know she is about to cum. As she gets closer and closer to her orgasm she tells me: "Lick it baby! Lick my pussy! Make it cum baby! It needs to cum so fucking back! Lick me again baby! I'm cuming!" And with that she lowers her cunt down the last 3 or 4 inches directly on to my tongue. Licking and sucking for all I am worth now, she pumps and rocks on my mouth as she squeezes her tits and puts one to her mouth, sucking the nipple. As her moans get louder her body reacts to my licking and she begins to orgasm on my face. With her beautiful dark thighs straddling my head her cunt is pushing down on my mouth hard as my tongue fucks her hole. She grabs my head and hair and pulls it as she pumps for all she is worth screaming as she climaxes for the second time. Now, she leans back on her elbows, and pushes that cunt hard into my mouth and begins her third orgasm as my mouth sucks all of her pussy into my mouth. With all her pussy in my mouth, I hit her clit and she cries out: "OH YES!!! Oh - fuck - yes - baby! Oh - god - eat - me!! Ohgod!! Lickmypussy!!!!! Oh fuck!!!! It's sooooooo fuckinggggg goodddd babyyyyy! Suck it harder! YES!! Fuck!!! Harder ! YEEESSSSS! YESSSS1 YESSSS!! Like that! OH fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!! YESSSSSSSSSSss!!!!

As she finishes climaxing, she rolls off of my face and slides her down my body until She get to my cock. With one movement she slides my hard into her pussy! I immediately thrust up into her and we begin to fuck our brains out! My face is glazed over from all her cum. She bends down and begins to licks her cum off my face as she grinds her pussy into my cock. I keep thrusting my hips up into her her body making my cock pump her cunt like a machine. I can feel my cum building and my nuts are like rocks now! I strain hard not to cum! She bends in to my neck and licks up to my ear whispering:" Cum for me baby. ! I want your hot ! Oh god baby shoot your cum deep into my body and cum or me! Fuck me baby! Fuck Tracy hard and cum!" I moan out and with one final thrust I begin to shoot!! I enough that I almost pass out! The feeling is unbelievable as she grinds her body around in tight little circles real forced anal against her will as I keep thrusting up inside her again and again and again! Up into that hot black cunt, my hard red cock rams into her and my white cum begins to be pushed out with each thrust! She sticks her tongue deep into my mouth as I finish by lift us both off the bed with my hips!! We finish cuming and our bodies fall on the bed limp and wet!,

But, we are not finished fucking yet. I keep ramming into her pussy with everything I have left in my body! She is holding on to me locked in an embrace of passion and desire! Her body keeps fucking me like an animal as she begins to again on my . I pound into that pussy now like I'm an animal!! She moans and rolls her head from side to side as her lower body is going on my cock. Her body thrust up at me now and I ram down into her pussy making it cum and cum and cum! Her orgasms lasts a long time but neither one of us stops fuck the other. We keep pumping together now matching the other person's movement. I look down at her and see that devil smile in her face and eyes.

She pumps that pussy with everything she in her tight body! She yells at me to fuck her harder!!! Harder she yells and I thrust down into her trying to push my cock out her . She pumps up at me yells out things like: "Oh yes baby! Fuck me baby!! F u c k M e !!! Oh - fuck - yes just- like - that! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! And when she cums one last time she locks her around my cock and holds it as her cum runs out her cunt on to our bodies! We collapse together on the bed still locked in out embrace! Our bodies are covered with sweat from the fucking workout. We don't care we lay in out puddle of sweat, cum and body fluids! My cock is still inside her pussy and her pussy is still squeezes it. God I love fucking this woman! I lick her neck and bit her ear as her hands hold my head and her legs hold my body and they squeeze me tight.