Travels of Nate Woods 1

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Travels of Nate Woods 1

Nathan Woods stepped out of Londons Heathrow airport excited to begin his /trip/">trip. He got a cab into central London where he found his hotel. The hotel was a large, ornate building and even Nate - who had stayed in many nice hotels, could not help but be impressed.
After checking in, he was tired but eager to explore London. After seeing the London Eye and Big Ben, he decided to change clothes and hit the clubs of the darkening city.

After much decision making, he decided to wear his striped, dark blue button up shirt and some dark jeans. He removed his sunglasses and rubbed his weary green eyes. He felt tired, despite heavy sleaping on the plane, but he knew that he wouldnt be able to sleep knowing that there were /english/">english hotties out there.

He cruised the bars and clubs searching for someone who he was attracted to. Nathan had that sort of ability to get virtually and man, even strait men, into bed with him. The reason for this could only be his smooth talking and striking looks.

Then, he saw him. The man he wanted to get. He moved towards the guy. The man was about 6"2, about the same as Nate, and had short dark hair. He was toned and had great arm and chest muscles which were visible through his tight shirt. He was gazing off over a martini, his brown eyes clearly a mile away.

Nathan settled down next to him and pretended not to show any interest. He allowed the guy to look over at him and soak him in. Then, once he had his Martini, turned to the guy and said hello and asked his name. "Paul" he said, "whats your name?"
"Nate" he said with confidence.

After some conversation, Nate began moving into flirt mood. He talked softly and complimented Paul on his outfit and reached out to touch his shirt. Paul was clearly becoming entranced and excited although he did a prety good job at concealing it.

At this time, Nate decided to heat things up a little. He allowed for his hotel room card-key to slide from his pocket and onto the floor. Nate said cooly "Ill get that" and got off his stool and leaned down to pick it up. Paul looked with strong desire at the /perfect/perfect-ass/">perfect ass before him. When Nate stood back up and sat down, Paul had a hint of sweat at his brow although it was not very noticable in the dimly lit bar area of the club.

Paul started to talk a little bit more than he had previously, probably with the hopes of seeming more outgoing. Nates cool and confident demeanor and great looks were almost overwhelming. He also started noticing that Nate was resting his hard on his crotch which was distracting, to say the least.

Nate decided that this was the time to seal the deal. He picked up his drink which splashed a small amout of the drink into the lap of Paul. Paul made a move to grap the napkin his drink was on but Nate stopped him. "Thats alright, Ill get it" said Nate cooly.
In silence, Nate picked up the napkin and put his hand into Pauls crotch and rubbed the area where the spill had occured. Paul was silently in shock as Nathan, the hottest guy he had ever lay eyes on, rubbed his crotch with a napkin.

Nate finished wiping and looked up at Paul. Paul seemed shocked. Nate leaned closer to him and said "Hey Paul, wanna come back to my hotel room? Lets go right now".

Needless to say, Paul didnt need to be asked twice. The walked the two blocks to the hotel quickly.

Once in the hotel room, Nathan pushed Paul onto the bed and then felt his crotch, then he unzipped and unbuttoned Pauls jeans and pulled them down, revealing blue boxers. Then he unbuttoned his shirt, uncovering a defined six pack and good biceps.

Without hesitation, Nate uulled down the boxers and paused to examine his rod. It sprang up right away. It was perfectly strait and was about six and a half inches long and was average thickness. He had some pubic hair at the base, and he had larger than average balls.

Nathan dove in and began sucking, much to the pleasure of Paul. He sucked alain lyle porn from the top of his uncut dick all the way to the base. He bagan to cup his balls as he did this and paused to t-bag him and holding them in his mouth. Pauls balls tasted incredibly good, as did his excited penis. Nathan could tell that when Paul came, it would be big - and tasty. He continued to deepthroat and also stopped and slid his tongue just under the foreskin which made Paul go absolutly insane with pleasure. Paul began to go rigid, all his abbs became much more visible, and he started gasping. Nate readied himself by concentrating near the tim of Pauls swelling penis.

Paul then exploded into Nathans mouth, in stream after stream, Paul shot his load into Nates mouth. After he finished, Nate gently sucked his dick. Paul was speachless with pleasure.

After Paul had recovered, he was more than eagar to return the favor. Nate slowly unbuttoned his shirt and jeans and then let Paul finish it off by unwrapping his package.

Paul pulled down the boxers revealing a semi-soft cock than would make anyone gasp at. It was perfect in every way - more than perfect infact. It was long, it was thick, it was cut and it had large, hairless balls. There was some hair around the base but nothing to obstruct or distract from the natrual beuty that was this penis.

Nate smiled, he had recieved the same reaction from everybody he had ever banged.

Nathans dick began to harden and within a few seconds, was totally hard. Paul was amazed by it. It was nine or even ten inches in length and was nice and thick. It had great veins running up and down it and was truely a piece of art. He reached out and touched indian santali xvideo it, he held it and rubbed it up and down to get a good feel for it. He put his mouth and the end of it and immediatly realized that he was not going to get the whole thing down his throat. He slid it into his mouth and touched it with his tongue. It tasted brilliant. Paul wasnt one who particularly like sucking but this was awesome.

He started sucking it and deepthroated even though he could only get about half of the monster in. He cupped Nates balls which truly were almost the size of tennis balls. He sucked as best and as hard as he could, desperate for the reward of Nathans climactic orgasm. When them time came, there were no sudden body movements. Only the sound of Nathan offering a warning that he was going to explode, Paul put his efforts into the tip of Nates rod and quickly floud his mouth being filled with lots of /semen/">semen. Paul was in heaven as he swallowed Nates never-ending load. It dripped down his chin and filled his mouth again. When Nate finished offloading into Pauls mouth, Paul finished off by licking clean Nates enormouse testicles.

When they were ready, Nate told him that it was time to fuck. Paul lept to his feat, cleaning the cum off of his chin. Nate readied himself on the bed and lubricated his hairless butt. Paul lubricatd his dazzeled penis and moved towards Nate. When he readied himself behind Nathan, he looked at his perfect butt. It was firm, round, hairless, smooth, and just screaming to be fucked by the gods.

He slid into Nate with ease and them began to slide in and out increasing in speed until they were in a rythem. it felt great fucking Nathan. It felt like Nates butt was actually massaging his penis, almost like a blowjob. He was enjoying this feelinjg so much, that when it came near the time to blow, he was actually dissapointed becfause there was no way that anything could match this fuck. Nonetheless, he sped up and began to moan as he reached /climax/">climax. He then exploded inside of Nathan. He unloaded so much cum, sooting jet after jet of the sticky, white juice - unloading more than ever before. Following this, he just lay down on the bed in amazement for a few minutes till Nte told him it was time to return the favor.

Paul was now slightly afraid but knew that, although it may hurt at first, the reward would more that make up for it. He put lots of lubricant onto his butt and readied himself on the bed. Nate told him that it might be a better idea to get onto the floor. He did so, puzzled. Once on the floor, he got into position and felt as Nate held his hips and placed the head of his dick at the front of his anus. Then, Nate pushed in and instantly, Paul felt both incredible pain and even better pleasure. Paul yelled out in both pain and pleasure as Nate slid back out of him and and then pushed in even further. Nate began to gradually increase in speed, harder and faster, until Nate had most of his rod into him. Then it began to get harder and Paul screamed in ecsacy as he was pounded from behind. Paul could see that the floor lamp was wobbling and the cieling light flickered with every fuck. Paul then began to cum as well, it spilled out of him and shot out more with every pund from his butt.

Now Nate was begining to do Paul so hard that he gripped his shoulers for support. Then, Nate began to climax and sped up even faster. Then, he finally orgasmed. He filled Pauls entire butt with his cum. It shot deep inside him and then came out his /asshole/">asshole. Nate finally finished after a full minute of mutual orgasming. Nathan then pulled out of Paul for the last time and watched as Paul collapsed with a gaping asshole driping with cum into a small pool of his own cum. He lay there in shock for atleast twently minutes until Nate picked him up and lay him down in the bed. Paul fell asleep there. The next morning, Paul woke up with a sore butt and feeling great. He found that Nathan had left him a note. It read "Paul, it was great last night. Sorry I couldnt say goodbye to you but I had to leave. Thank you, - Nathan Woods"

Nathan, meanwhile, was at paddington station, awaiting a train which was going to take him to France - to Cannes, he felt like wearing a speedo.

I sicerely hope that you enjoyed this story, please email me with suggestions for future stories. I really want to be able to improve myself as an author. Thank you for reading!